Metal Casting & Plastic Molding Services

Maxwell Engineering in Fort Wayne, IN has the machinery and knowledge to create metal casting and plastic mold patterns for your needs. Our tooling meets the strictest standards for transportation, agricultural, electrical, medical and military applications.

We can create isocure and shell core boxes setup to your specifications. Majority of the core boxes from Maxwell Engineering are able to perform immediately from their finished machined state without needing additional hand-polishing, due to our high equipment standards and improved machining.

Foundry Tooling

  • Redford, Shalco, Dependable, B&P, Hottinger and Laempe
  • Hall and Stahl permanent molding
  • Green sand and shell molding
  • Vertical and horizontal parted with Disa Matic, Disa Forma, Hunter, Sinto, Hermen and Osborn.

Advanced Machining Capabilities

  • 1- Haas VF-6  Travels X-64” Y-32” Z-30”
  • 1- Haas VF-3 YT Travels X-40” Y-26” Z-20”
  • 1- Haas VF-2 SSYT  Travels X-30” Y-20” Z-20”
  • 2- Haas VF-2 Travels X-30” Y-16” Z-20”
  • 1- Haas TL1 NC Lathe
  • 2- Fryer VB-60 Travels X-60” Y -30” Z-28”
  • 1- Chevalier QP2040L Travels X-40.500” Y-20.500” Z- 20 ‘
  • 1- Lagun FBF 2000 Travels X-72” Y-37” Z-39”
  • Several manual mills and lathes
  • 3 Seats Visi Modeling Software
  • 1 Seat Solidworks
  • 1 Seat Work NC
  • Complete wood shop, routers, lathes and mills
  • Scanning

File Compatibility

To ensure seamless integration with your design processes, we accept a wide range of file formats including DXF, IGS, DWG, and most Parasolids.

3-D Capabilities

Maxwell Engineering, in Fort Wayne, IN now has the capabilities to produce 3-D parts or prototypes for your project needs.

Here at Maxwell Engineering we have two ways to produce your 3-D printed prototype parts. We can take your 2-D drawings and convert them into a 3-D rendering to produce your 3-D prototype or part. Additionally you can send us the SLA files directly and we are able to print out your parts. If sending SLA files the turnaround time can be as short as 48 hours! Using your 3-D models you can then sand, mill, drill or even chrome plate!

At Maxwell Engineering we use ABSplus plastic to create the 3-D models, parts and prototypes. ABSplus is a mechanical strength plastic, with a tensile strength of 31MPa and heat deflection temperature of 96°C at 66PSI. This plastic is perfect for creating parts that require high impact resistance, strength and stability. Combined with our top of the line machining and knowledge, your 3-D parts will be produced to the highest standard.

  • Dimension bst1200es

Contact us today to discuss your metal casting, plastic molding pattern and 3-D printed needs.