Old world Craftsmanship. New world Tooling.

Maxwell Engineering has been in business in Fort Wayne, IN, since 1995.

Formally known as Allen Pattern Works, which was started in the late 1920’s, the name was changed to Maxwell Engineering in 1995. The current owner, Matt Maxwell, has been in the patternmaking industry since 1986. Since opening, Maxwell Engineering has seen steady growth within the patternmaking industry. As word of mouth spread about the service and quality offered at Maxwell Engineering, the demand continued to grow, and so did the team at Maxwell. Currently there are 7 full time patternmakers ready to deliver world-class expertise to customers nationwide from our Fort Wayne, IN location.

Our employees at Maxwell Engineering always take pride in their work, which our valued customers see reflected in the quality of every job that leaves our shop. With additional knowledge of foundry machines, operations and the foundry industry, our dedicated team is a step above others and ready to help you with any needs you may have, even the most complex.

Here at Maxwell Engineering we are continuously improving practices and implementing new technology to keep our products at the highest possible standard for our customers. This includes 3D printing capabilities alongside our traditional wood, plastic and metal patterns and molds. At Maxwell Engineering we are completely committed to providing the best service, delivery and products to our customers at the highest possible standard.

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